4 YouTube Channels That Will Convince You To Cancel Your Gym Membership

Yes, that is a strong statement! But, it’s so true! Thousands of workout videos, high quality workout videos, can be found on YouTube for free. Just a click away! You might read that and think….there are too many to sift through….I don’t even know where to begin….I don’t have time to find one that works for me….they can’t possibly be as effective as going to the gym. I hear ya, loud and clear! It took me a while to really narrow in on the videos and channels that suit my own fitness needs, but it was well worth the effort. I am more enthusiastic than ever about working out and I really do attribute that to the fitness channels I have listed below. Even if you are not compelled to instantly renounce your gym membership, I am certain you will find a video or two that will add to your current regimen. Don’t have a current fitness regimen? The following channels are a perfect place to start building one. You can do it!

Fitness Blender

There’s a good reason that Fitness Blender tops the list: They do it all! Kelly and Daniel, cute couple and fitness trainers extraordinaire, must eat, sleep, and breathe Fitness Blender. They have hundreds of workout videos addressing a wide range of fitness needs, all of which are presented in a cleanly formatted, no-nonsense, professional manner that still manages to be FUN! Need low impact, gentle routines to get you started? They’ve got ’em. Looking for a heart-pounding high intensity challenge? They have plenty on offer. Need variety so you don’t get bored? They have you covered with their “Bored Easily” workouts, which I personally love. What else is there to love? They upload new videos weekly, and not just recycled content — creative new efforts that are consistently challenging. Check them out here!

Pahla B Fitness

I love Pahla. She can put a smile on your face and kick your butt at the same time! She is deceptively tough! I say that because so many of her workout videos appear to be almost too simple…at first. So many times I have screened one of her workouts and thought, oh this is gonna be a piece of cake, only to have the true intensity of it sneak up on me half way through. The good thing about this trickery (I’m onto you Pahla!) is that it challenges you to not give up! When what you thought was going to be easy catches you off guard, Pahla’s fun and friendly personality encourages you to stick with it the best you can and to see it through to the end, where inevitably she has tacked on some insane last-minute challenge. I always feel very accomplished and uplifted by the end of her videos, so I tend to seek her out when my mood needs elevating. Click here to meet Pahla!

Jessica Smith TV

Jessica’s motto is “Fitness Made Fun!” and I couldn’t agree more, but there’s more than fun to be had on Jessica’s channel, and that’s what brings me back repeatedly. For example, there’s Peanut, French Bulldog and tireless supporter of physical fitness (you’ll see what I mean), who makes an appearance in nearly every video. Furthermore, Jessica’s workouts are accessible for everyone and anyone — all fitness levels will feel comfortable with her. She offers a wide variety of workouts and even the more intense ones can be easily modified if needed. I tend to do Jessica’s videos when I’m looking for a thorough, straight forward workout style that mixes in a bit of flowing, elongating movement. Some of her Barre and dance inspired workouts are a fun way to mix things up. I also enjoy her walk and talk videos for a nice warm-up or cool down, and because they can provide a little extra motivation and thoughtfulness that contribute to your overall wellness. Workout with Jessica and Peanut here!

Susana Yábar

I discovered Susana’s videos one day when I noticed the vibrant, colorful thumbnail at the side of another workout video I was following. I clicked on it and was instantly drawn in by Susana’s energy as well as the visual energy conveyed by the bright, colorful environment that served as the backdrop. I initially assumed that Susana’s videos were more for a short burst of fun than anything serious, but I soon realized that they can be very effective when used in combination with one another. Susana produces a lot of short videos that tend to focus on specific body parts or attributes, so she’s a great source for when you really want to zero in on a particular area. I personally use her videos for targeted toning after I have completed a cardio workout on my non-strength training days. I also use them when I need a quick visual escape to some colorful, exotic location. Of all the fitness channels I love, Susana’s wins for best scenery and visual expression, hands down! Escape with Susana here!

Now, go have a good work out!


Do you have any favorite fitness channels on YouTube? I love my selections, but I’m always interested in adding even more variety! Fill me in on your top picks!



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