I once read that the numerical sequence 222 is indicative of auspicious and timely opportunities. Now, I’m not a very superstitious person, and I don’t subscribe to whimsical notions of — WAIT. Wait just a minute. What am I doing? My first blog post and I’m already self-censoring?! OF COURSE I subscribe to whimsical notions. Anyone who starts her first blog post with a nod to glossy magazine-variety Numerology most definitely subscribes to whimsical notions! So, let’s begin again.

Now, I CAN sometimes be a superstitious person, and I DO rather enjoy indulging in whimsical notions because they fuel my curiosity and stimulate my mind. Yes, that’s more like it. So, as I was saying, 222 is an auspicious sequence! In fact, there’s a rumor around these parts (i.e. the internet) that if one is embarking on a new endeavor, one should consider seeing 222 as a powerful sign of encouragement, a sign that one is moving in the right direction. I have remembered this vital information just in the nick of time, for today is February 22, also known as 222.

Publishing a blog is no revolutionary endeavor, but it is an endeavor, nonetheless. It’s something I’ve considered doing many times, yet somehow I never seemed to have the motivation. However, I have it today, and that’s what counts. I don’t know, maybe it really is the 222 (at precisely 2pm, I might add!), or maybe I’m just looking for something to do on a Wednesday afternoon. Either way, I’m here, and with any luck, so are you.

My words, my ramblings, my thoughts and observations, my recommendations and suggestions — all will disappear into a vast sea the second I click PUBLISH. Still, I will write. From the depths of thought to the shallows of frivolity, I will write what comes. I will write for the right now. This is Raini Right Now.


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